Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves

Target Bid Schedule

  • Bid Package No. 1 
    • Site Work awarded to Plateau Excavation
    • Shoring Walls awarded to Schnabel Foundations
  • Bid Package No. 1A 
    • Site Utilities awarded to Plateau Excavation
  • RFP-01 
    • Mechanical work awarded to McKenney’s, Inc.
    • Plumbing work awarded to Art Plumbing Company
    • Electrical work awarded to Inglett & Stubbs
    • Fire protection awarded to Palmetto Automatic Sprinkler Co. 
  • Bid Package No. 2
    • Drilled Piers awarded to McKinney Drilling Company
    • Turnkey Foundations awarded to American Builders 2017
  • Bid Package No. 2A Vertical Transportation – Vertical Transportation has been awarded to Otis Elevator.
  • Bid Package No. 3 

Architectural Precast Concrete awarded to Gate Precast
Masonry Field Level awarded to Bibler Masonry; Lower Level and above awarded to BBA Partners
Structural Steel awarded to Hirschfeld Industries
Waterproofing & Expansion Joints awarded to Alpha Insulation
Metal Panels awarded to Eastern Corporation
Sub-Roofing awarded to Eastern Corporation
Glass & Glazing awarded to Gardner Glass and Glazing
Drywall awarded to Mulkey
Roofing awarded to Summers Roofing
Hollow Metal Doors, Frames & Hardware awarded to Southern Door & Plywood
Special Systems Structured Cable & Security awarded to One Path
Playing Field awarded to The Motz Corporation

  • Bid Package No. 4 – Proposals have been received

a. Miscellaneous Metals awarded to Willfab
b. Architectural Millwork/Casework awarded to idX
c. Exterior finish carpentry (IPE) awarded to Raydeo
d. Fireproofing awarded to Adams Construction Services
e. Overhead doors awarded to D. H. Pace
f. Hard Tile awarded to David Allen Company
g. Epoxy flooring awarded to Stonhard
h. Soft flooring awarded to Spectra Contract Flooring
i. Painting awarded to Goodman Decorating
j. Miscellaneous Specialties awarded to Accessories Unlimited, Irvine Access Floors, H.E. Hodge, and In/Ex Systems
k. Window treatments awarded to Marietta Drapery
l. Signage & graphics awarded to L&H Signs
m. Sports Equipment awarded to Promats Athletics
n. Seating awarded to American Seating, Irwin Seating, and Four Topps
o. Hydrotherapy equipment - Pools awarded to Hydroworx; Sauna awarded to Finlandia
p. Chain link fencing awarded to Martin Robbins
q. Perimeter security equipment
r. Landscaping & Irrigation awarded to Valley Crest
s. Hardscape and site concrete awarded to Valley Crest
t. Site furnishings awarded to Valley Crest
u. Wheelchair lifts awarded to H. E. Hodge
v. Food Service Equipment awarded to J. F. Duncan Industries

Structural pre-cast parking deck awarded to Metromont

Plaza structural steel: July 13, 2017

Plaza water features (design/build): July 13, 2017

Parking deck finishes/MEP: July 17, 2017

Hardscapes/Landscape: October 12, 2017